An Efficient Heuristic to Solve the Global Update Problem of UMTS Networks

M. St-Hilaire, S. Chamberland, and S. Pierre (Canada)


Mobile networks, universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS), network planning and optimization, ex pansion problem, update problem, tabu search heuristic.


In this paper, we propose a heuristic based on the tabu search principle to find “good” feasible solutions for the global update problem of universal mobile telecommuni cations system (UMTS) networks. The update problem is much more realistic since existing infrastructures can be consider in the design process. Since the update problem is a generalization of the planning problem and that the latter has been demonstrated to be NP-hard, we concentrate our efforts on the development of an efficient heuristic. The global update problem addresses simultaneously the cell, the access and the core planning subproblems. Numerical results show that quasi-optimal solutions can be obtained with the proposed heuristic.

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