Spam Filtering Improvement of an E-mail Server by the Cooperation of Multi-Filter Firewall and Virtual Networks

Y.-W. Bai and M.-Y. Tsai (Taiwan)


Equivalent Queue, QoS, Spam, VPN, MPLS.


In this paper we propose a new multi-filter firewall method instead of only a single e-mail server to enhance the efficiency of the processing of spam. The idea of a multi-filter firewall is to combine firewall, mail frontier and mail server, and with their different functions such as virus scan, anti-spam find, link brush-off in IP blacklist of unwelcome senders to ensure the safety of the mail server and efficient lift-up. In addition, to estimate system performance, we use a serial equivalent model representing a multi-filter firewall. Due to the use of the multi-filter firewall when processing e-mail our method stops spam by a cooperation method and reduces the workload of the actual mail server. For the receiving and sending nodes we use a Firewall Virtual Private Network (VPN) to share the loading for mail processing. Because the VPN is not only a virtual private Internet established between two nodes but also the use of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), it is like an interior Internet passing data quickly between two nodes. MPLS supports Multi-Protocol Networks Transfer Protocol and core networks transfer with efficient label switching. MPLS VPN is also compatible with many communication protocols and supports free safety services.

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