Parallel Implementation of Multi-Resolution Models in Distributed Simulation System

B. Liu, J. Hao, and K. Huang (PRC)


Distributed-interactive simulation, multi-resolution modeling; morphism attribute; morphism event; parallel implementation; interaction conflict


Multi-Resolution Modeling (MRM) is a relatively new research area. With the development of distributed interactive simulation, especially as the emergence of High Level Architecture (HLA), multi-resolution modeling becomes one of the key technologies for advanced modeling and simulation. The parallel implementation of multi-resolution models is often encountered in distributed interactive combat simulation. Correctness of parallel implementation of multi-resolution models in distributed simulation is very important to the validity of simulation result. In this paper, some key techniques on the parallel implementation of multi resolution models are studied. Two new concepts, named morphism attribute and morphism event are presented. Then the problem of interaction conflict in MRM is researched. To solve this problem, three methods are given, including mutex locking, conflict detecting and model-oriented method. The affection of morphism interaction to simulation result is analyzed and some basic principles to deal with this problem are given. Our study may greatly contribute to multi-resolution modeling, and enhance the validity of simulation and engagement fairness in combat simulation.

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