Performance Analysis and Simulation of an Equivalent Model of Serial Queues for Computer Networks

C.-P. Chen and Y.-W. Bai (Taiwan)


System Response Time, Equivalent Model, Serial Queues and Equivalent Queues


In this paper we propose a serial queues model to estimate the performance of computer networks with a serial stage. First, based on the relationship between the arrival rate and the service rate, which may be equal or not, we have altogether 13 kinds of working regions. For each region or case we deduce the system average response time from the equivalent serial queues model according to the arrival rate and the service rate. The average response time has something to do with arrival rates, service rates and buffer size and the relation between these and with the working regions. For the verification of the serial queues module of the equivalent models, we use the Queueing Network Analysis Tool (QNAT) to simulate a couple of serial queues and to compare model and simulation. The error between model and simulation is 4.18% or 7.06% depending on whether the arrival rate is equal to the service rate or not. Hence the model of the serial queues can predict the average system response time for computer networks with serial multi-stage switches.

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