Modeling and Simulation of Computational Techniques used in Numerical Protective Relays

T.S. Sidhu, M.D. Zadeh, and M. Vijayasarathi (Canada)


Modeling, Simulation, Numerical Relays, Computational Techniques.


Protective relays are designed to respond for faults on specific power system apparatus. Computer based power system protection using numerical relays have been used for protecting present day power systems. Several computational functions are used in numerical relays. In this paper, various characteristics and requirements of these computational functions are discussed from the relaying point of view. Different approaches have been used to implement these functions. Most commonly applied methods are modeled and simulated in this research work. A comparative study of these methods is presented based on the characteristics and requirements of mentioned functions. Using the simulation results, suitability of different methods applied to these computational functions has been investigated in this paper. Furthermore, several suggestions are given to choose appropriate method for each of the computational functions. Also few recommendations have been presented to improve some of these computational methods.

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