An Accelerated Zone 2 Trip Algorithm for Non-Pilot Distance Relays

G.R. Ortiz and T.S. Sidhu (Canada)


Accelerated trip (AT), sequential accelerated trip (SAT), real time digital simulator (RTDS), total fault clearing time (TFCT)


This paper presents an algorithm able to accelerate the zone 2 trip of non-pilot distance relays by detecting remote breaker operation following a zone 2 fault. It is based on monitoring changes in proposed composite signals. The performance of the proposed algorithm was extensively evaluated using dynamic simulations in an electromagnetic transients program EMTDC/PSCAD. Also, a real-time implementation of the proposed algorithm was done using a real time digital simulator RTDS and general purpose DSP hardware. Simulation results show that the performance of the proposed technique was superior to other techniques in literature for three terminal lines, while it performs similar to other techniques for two terminal lines. It is proposed this algorithm can be used as a fast backup protection scheme for two and three terminal lines when communication channel fails or is not available.

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