Simulation of Finite-Element Sensitivities for Power Cables in Complex Media

M.S. Al-Saud, M.A. El-Kady, and R.D. Findlay (Canada)


Underground cables, optimization, ampacity, thermal field, finite-element.


This paper presents a novel concept of perturbed finite element, which combines the conventional finite element method with sensitivity analysis and optimization procedures in one interactive simulation approach. The proposed method is implemented to study the general performance of buried power cable and parameter evaluation procedures for the purpose of advanced thermal analysis and ampacity calculations. This involves solving the thermal field of a cable system which can handle complex configurations, boundaries, and heat sources, as well as optimizing cable performance and sensitivity analysis under varying loading and environmental conditions. The proposed technique is used in the assessment of practical transmission level cable systems of 15 kV, 3x300 mm2 CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC. The developed algorithm shows high potential in handling intensive complicated cable-trench arrangements due to it flexibility and low required computation efforts.

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