Structural Vibration Response Analysis of a 3-PRR Flexible Parallel Manipulator Moving with High-Speed

Xuping Zhang, J.K. Mills, and W.L. Cleghorn (Canada)


Flexible manipulators, Parallel manipulators, Assumed mode method, Frequency spectra


This paper presents modeling and analysis structural vibration of a 3-PRR parallel manipulator with three flexible intermediate links based on the assumed mode method. First, the dynamic model of the flexible manipulator system is developed using Lagrange equation. Flexible intermediate links are modeled as Euler Bernoulli beams with pinned-pinned boundary conditions. A linearized and finite-dimensional model is developed by adopting the assumed mode method. Then, numerical simulations on vibration responses, coupling forces and inertial forces are presented, and the frequency spectra analysis of vibration response is performed using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).

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