A New Approach on Dynamic Analysis and Control Synthesis of Object Grasping by Manipulators

S.H. Jazi, M. Keshmiri, and F. Sheikholeslam (Iran)


Frictional grasping, Slippage control, Simulation, Modeling.


Almost all of the researches on object grasping by manipulators and cooperating robots consider no slippage between end-effectors and object, however it can occur. This paper presents dynamics analysis and control synthesis of a manipulator moving an object on a horizontal surface using contact force of end-effector considering slipping condition. Equality and inequality equations of frictional contact conditions are replaced by a single second order differential equation with switching coefficients in order to facilitate the dynamical modeling. Using this modeling of friction, a set of reduced order form is obtained for equations of motion of the system and a new method is proposed to control end-effector slippage on the object.

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