Side Impact Simulation using Reduced Order Finite Element Models

P.R. Marur and S. Srinivas (India)


side impact analysis, crashworthiness, B-pillar intrusion, joint flexibility.


A design oriented analysis method is developed for assess ing the crashworthiness of side structure of automobiles without requiring complete vehicle geometry. The tech nique is based on reduced order finite element analysis us ing beam elements and non-linear discrete elements. The flexibility at the joints is modeled using linear springs up to elastic limit and non-linear springs beyond the yield limit of the joint members. The localized bending collapse of the B-pillar is represented by non-linear springs which have the same moment-rotation characteristics as that of the shell model. The B-pillar intrusion levels predicted by the re duced order model compare very well with full shell ele ment model both in elastic and fully plastic loading cases. The utility of the reduced order model in performing design synthesis is demonstrated by a parametric study.

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