Modeling, Mathematical Simulation and Non-Linear Analysis of Magnetorheological Valve Damper

N. Eslaminasab, T. Gillespie, and M.F. Golnaraghi (Canada)


MR Fluid, Semi-active Dampers, Internal Valve, Damper Modeling, Averaging Method


In this paper a newly in-house designed MR piloted valve damper, which will be defined briefly in the next sections, is modeled and analyzed. Due to the complex and highly non-linear characteristics of the system, especially frequent discontinuities in the system, different assumptions and simplifications have been made to enable the modeling and analysis of the system. Approximate method, namely averaging method, has been also adopted to analyse the system. A brief technological review is also presented to give a background on the driving forces behind the selection and innovations in MR damper analysis. Finally the results of approximate method of averaging and numerical simulations are compared.

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