Modeling and Identification of a Heated Cylinder from Perturbations in the Drying Contact Surface

S. Prez (Venezuela), N. Thrien, and A.D. Broadbent (Canada)


Drying model, induction heating, and fabrics dryer identification.


A based physical model for the prediction of the evolution of humidity and temperature of a thin web of fibrous material and the spatial cylinder temperature during the fabrics drying on a heated-induction cylinder was developed. The model includes heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation as well as the energy loss due to water evaporation. A good agreement was found between the physical model results and the experimental measurements of the fabrics humidity and temperature at the dryer exit, and the cylinder temperature along the cylinder perimeter. Simulation results from this model allowed the identification models for this variables process (humidity and temperature of the web of fibrous material and the cylinder temperature), with the contact surface between the fabrics and the hot surface of the cylinder as the manipulated variable, and the humidity of the fabrics entering the dryer as the perturbation variable. The simulation of the process with the identification models was validated with experimental results too and good agreement was found between the identification model results with the experimental measurements for the process variables from the dryer.

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