Application of the Interval Method Optimization Technique to Highly Nonlinear Steady State Processes

P. Hajiani, F. Jalali-Farahani, and N. Mostoufi (Iran)


Optimization, Interval Arithmetic, Branch & Bound, Methanol Synthesis


A global optimization method for problems that could be classified as model-based process system and requires descritized analysis to evaluate the constraints or the objective function was studied. An application of finding the global optimum using the interval method based on multi point function approximation was proposed. Two point adaptive nonlinear approximations for reliability analysis have been applied in this work. The highly nonlinear and nonconvex objective and constraint functions were first represented in the optimization space using linear and adaptive local approximations. The interval method was then employed to find the global optimum in the approximated function space. The procedure was successfully applied to optimization of the methanol synthesis operation conditions in a shell and tube isothermal methanol reactor.

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