LPV Model Identification Feed-Gas Pre-Heater in Ammonia Plant

R.T. Bambang and H. Subagiyo (Indonesia)


System Identification, Linear Parameter Varying Model, Recursive Least Square, Feed Gas Pre-Heater


System or process identification is the field of mathematical modeling of systems (processes) from test or experimental data. Most of the existing works on process modeling were based on LTI model. This paper presents the Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) model identification of feed gas pre-heater process in ammonia plant to cover changes in process operating conditions, such as start-up, normal operation and shut-down. Recursive Least Square (RLS) based algorithm is employed in the identification process. Data needed for identification are taken from DCS historian data of the process. The identification result is simulated and validated with the measured data. The process models obtained by this technique provide acceptable fit with the mean value of 92.88 %.

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