A Critical Evaluation of Two Variable Parameter Muskingum Routing Methods

M. Perumal and B. Sahoo (India)


Hydrology, flood, Muskingum, routing, VPMC, VPMD


A critical evaluation of two physically based variable parameter Muskingum methods, viz., the improved form of the variable parameter Muskingum–Cunge (VPMC) method, advocated by Ponce and Chaganti ([1]), and the variable parameter Muskingum discharge-hydrograph (VPMD) routing method, developed by Perumal ([2], [3]) is made in this study. The evaluation is made by routing a given hypothetical inflow discharge hydrograph in a uniform rectangular channel using these two methods and comparing the routed hydrographs with the corresponding hydrograph estimated using the full Saint Venant equations, which form the benchmark model. The selection of the hypothetical hydrographs used in the routing is based on the recently proposed applicability criteria developed by Perumal and Sahoo ([4]) for using the VPMC and VPMD methods. The routed hydrographs arrived at by these two methods at the outlet of a 40 km rectangular channel reach were compared with the corresponding Saint Venant solutions using different performance criteria. The study reveals that the VPMD method performs better than the VPMC method, and is applicable for a wide range of flow and channel conditions.

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