Non Parametric Identifier for Parkinson's Disease Dynamics by Fuzzy-Genetic Controller

V. Ortiz, C. Yez, . Kuri, R. Miranda, A. Cabrera, and I. Chairez (Mexico)


Genetic Algorithms, Parkinson Disease, Fuzzy Logic, Non parametric identifier.


Parkinson's disease often affects gait and mobility. To understand better the pathophysiology of this disease and to improve our ability to measure responses to therapeutic interventions, it may be helpful to control gait dynamics accurately. In to order to control this dynamics design to fuzzy controller, but the fuzzy identifier present to problem, in the heuristic selection of the values that describes the structure of the membership functions. To for numerical solution this disadvantage is the Genetic Algorithms. With this fuzzy-genetic controller it is managed to improve the dynamics of the disease of Parkinson’s for his to better study in therapeutic interventions.

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