An Intelligent System for Assessment of Orthodontic Treatment Outcome using Fuzzy Union Rule Configuration

A. Zarei, M. El-Sharkawi, and M. Hairfield (USA)


Orthodontics, Modelling, Fuzzy Logic, Expert Systems


It is crucial to objectively assess orthodontic treatment out come for patients, orthodontists, and healthcare providers. Orthodontists have developed several occlusal indices dur ing the past few decades to evaluate treatment success. These indices suffer from several limitations including a crisp decision making criterion that sometimes contradicts human intuition. We propose use of fuzzy logic for assess ing orthodontic treatment outcome. Despite the great capa bilities of fuzzy logic in medical fields, its applications in the field of orthodontics have been overlooked. We develop an expert system based on fuzzy reasoning that can assess orthodontic treatment outcome that is close to human per ception. We examine its reliability by comparing the results with the opinion of a panel of expert orthodontists.

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