A Procedure for Face Detection & Recognition

H. Verma, P. Sharma, and V.S. Sharma (India)


Face detection, Face Recognition, Neural Networks


This paper presents a procedure for face detection and recognition. Then face detection is done based on the theory of high correlation of face images at low resolutions. The face detected is called the mug shot. Generalized Regression based Neural Networks is used for training the mug shot to represent eyes in the form of rectangles. GRNN gives good results to represent eyes in the form of rectangles. Eye coordinates are calculated and straight line distance between the centers of two eyes is calculated. This calculated distance comes out to be different for different face images. Face recognition is done by comparing the calculated distance of source face with the target face. The system developed by this approach is suitable for finding face images from a set of given images. This algorithm can be implemented for searching and finding people from a database on a computer. However Automatic Face Recognition is a complicated problem due to the variability of face expressions, face positions and lighting conditions. Many methods have been proposed for face recognition but their performance and precision is still very far as compared to that of the human performance.

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