Shape Efficiency Maps for Optimum Shape Selection in Torsion Stiffness Design

V. Mirjalili and D. Pasini (Canada)


Concept design, performance, shape transformers, performance, envelope, scaling, torsion stiffness


Most of the current optimization techniques for the design of light-weight structures are inefficient in generating structural alternatives at the concept stage of design. This paper tackles the challenge of developing an optimization method for the early stage of design. The main goal is to propose a procedure to optimize material and shape concepts for stiff shafts in torsion. Modelling the mass efficiency of shafts with different structural concepts enables us to formulate optimum material and shape selection criteria that are used to develop selection charts. These maps help designers gain insight into the performance of different structural concepts, and they ease the visual contrast among the efficiency of open- and close-walled cross-sections in torsion. The selection charts can be used as an optimum selection tool for educational and industrial purposes.

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