Tolerancing Assistance Methodology in a Product Life Cycle Perspective

M. Khanafer, A. Desrochers, and L. Laperrire (Canada)


Tolerancing, uncertainties, PLM, Modeling, Jacobian torsor, tolerancing analysis.


The availability of three-dimensional tools for simulation and management of geometric uncertainties in CAD systems bear a strategic importance for the reduction in the number of physical prototypes and for the decrease in time to market. However, in spite of a growing interest for the various approaches which were proposed in this domain and in spite of the progress of CAD techniques, there are still no genuine computer aided tolerancing tools, in which the designer can have confidence. In reality, the current computer aided tolerancing tools are very limited and based on simplifying assumptions, which do not allow appreciating the validity of the results. To circumvent these problems, a novel tolerancing assistance methodology is proposed. This new approach takes into account all types of uncertainties and is intended to guide and assist the designer in making the most appropriate decision. In fact, it allows the designer to validate the manufacturing processes which can meet the applied tolerances, and even to choose the process leading to an optimal cost. Thus, as a result, the reality is reproduced at best, time and money are saved, specifications are respected, errors are reduced, assembly is guaranteed and operation is assured.

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