A Hysteresis Approach of Thermal Expansion Effect on Residual Stresses due to Welding

B. Amri, V.N. L, and H. Champliaud (Canada)


Welding, residual stress, finite element method, thermal expansion hysteresis.


A three-dimensional model with shell elements is used, with the Ansys finite element program, to simulate a GMAW welding process in an AISI 516 carbon steel plate. The objective of this work is to approximate the volume change effect on welding residual stresses by using a modified curve of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). This modification consists of introducing a hysteresis behavior into the CTE curve. The existence of such hysteresis is consistent with the fact that a similar hysteresis is observed in the curve of the thermal strain during a heating and cooling cycle. It is found that the hysteresis effect of CTE could make the longitudinal residual stress well below yield stress in the weld.

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