Investigation of Influence of Sliding of Rolls Over Plate on Continuous Bending with Noncompatible Conical Rolls

Z. Feng, H. Champliaud, J. Zeng, and T.-M. Dao (Canada)


Roll bending, Pyramidal three-roll, Finite element, Three dimensional, Conical bending, Conical roll.


Conical roll bending with compatible conical rolls ensures no-sliding between the rolls and the plate section and high bending quality. However, the process is so expensive that the rolls must be changed when the radii of the desired cone change. For noncompatible conical rolls, the neces sary speed ratio between the top and bottom of the plate sections is provided by an attachment at the top side of the section, where the rolls slide over the plate. This paper will present the investigations of the influence of the sliding on the bending quality. Numerical simulations based on finite element method are performed with commercial software ANSYS LS-DYNA. The results agree well with those ob tained with compatible conical rolls

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