A Group Decision Making Approach in Multi-Criteria Material Selection

A.S. Milani (USA), A. Shanian (Canada), and R.C. Abeyaratne (USA)


Group decision making, material selection, performance criteria, MADM, thermal loaded conductor


This paper presents a post-operation group decision making approach for multi-criteria material selection problems. In this approach, a group of materials experts are independently asked to assign their ordinal set of preferences over given design criteria. The solution process is then followed by deriving criteria weights for each designer using the revised Simos’ method [1] and using them in the ELECTRE III decision making model [2]. Among different sets of ranking solutions obtained from different designers, the candidate materials that show the most stable (with least separations) and the highest ranks are considered as best compromised candidates. To account for decision separations from different designers while optimizing the rank, an overall loss function is defined for each material and used to make final group decisions. The application of the approach is shown using an illustrative example in material selection of a thermal loaded conductor cover sheet.

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