Application of Fuzzy Theory for Traffic Assignment

Y. Shafahi and H. Ramezani (Iran)


Traffic assignment, fuzzy travel time, fuzzy user equilibrium.


Traffic assignment is one of the primary steps in the urban transportation planning process. There are several parameters that affect on drivers route choice. These factors arenot shown completely in the classic traffic assignment techniques so, these methodes donot have acceptable accuracy in the link volume estimating. Therefore many researchers have been tried to use fuzzy set theory in order to gain more precise approximation in traffic assignment. In this paper, we intend to propose a new fuzzy assignment model which has more flexibility relarive to driver behavior characteristics. At first, our assumptions are cited and then we illustrate how the membership function of the travel time is generated for each link. After that we explain a method for comparison between alternatives and an algorithm to solve the problem. Finally ,the flexibility of our method with the aid of an example is shown. It is shown that results of our method is the same as UE results when we have risk-neutral motorists and/or determinisric travel time. Also, mathematical fuzzy user equilibrium condition is drived.

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