Real Time Route Analysis based on Floating Car Technology

M. Reinthaler and J. Zajicek (Austria)


Route analysis, Floating Cars, Hazardous Good Transports, Traffic State,


Fleet management systems used in many companies are essential components of their daily business. Using Floating Car Data (FCD) technology for more than fleet management, could open new possibilities in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). On the Austrian road network approximately 20 accidents with hazardous good transports (HGT) occurs every year [4]. The developed system focuses on this kind of transports and calculates detailed routes and travel times for each hazardous goods transport in the road network. Also meeting points with other high risk transports are recognized by the expert system and warnings will broadcasted to the relevant drivers. Furthermore the FCD is used to calculate actual travel times and historical time series. The project included simulations and a field trial done in the city of Vienna.

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