Time Series Analysis used for the Identification of Kartic Chalk Functioning: Example of Ranon Springs

A. Maqsoud (Canada)


chalk, groundwater, karst, autocorrelation and spectral analysis


The chalk of the Paris basin and the North of France presents karstic developments in numerous regions, but this karst was however reduced by certain authors to a simple extension of cracks and consequently, they do not consider the role of the karst in the subterranean drainages. In the objective to show the functioning of the karst and the groundwater, the Rançon springs were studied using the autocorrelation and spectral analysis. The autocorrelation and spectral analysis demonstrates the existence of two types of responses which are respectively attributed to groundwater and karst. The karstc functioning is attributed to the reactivation of perched paleokarst when the piezometric level is very high. Also, these analyses demonstrate that the Rançon system have large reserves. In conclusion, the duality functioning groundwater and karst is must be considered in any hydrogeologic study of chalk aquifers.

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