Fundamental Techniques of Mobile Robot for Inspection of CAS in Oil Tanker

C.W. Son, S.H. Lee, S.J. Go, and M.C. Lee (Korea)


CAS inspection, Mobile robot, Magnetic wheel, Oil tanker, Thickness, Vision


It is dangerous that a technician the inner parts of an oil tanker for defects and conditions because of many harmful gases, complex structures, etc. However, these inspections are necessary to many oil tankers of old years. In this reason, we proposed the fundamental techniques of mobile robot for inspection of CAS in oil tanker. The developed CAS inspection mobile robot has four modules, a measurement module of oil tanker's thickness, a corrosion inspection module, a climbing module of the surface on a wall, and a monitoring module. In order to getting over at a right angled path, the driving control algorithm was developed. And, magnetic wheels were used to move the surface of a wall. This study constructed a communication network (Bluetooth) and the monitoring program to operate the developed mobile robot from remote sites. In order to evaluate the inspection ability, the experiments using developed mobile robot have been conducted.

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