Attitude Control of Spacecraft using Space Manipulators

Godard, K.D. Kumar, and B. Tan (Canada)


Linear control, Feedback Linearization, LQR, Spacecraft, Rigid Link, Nonlinear Control


Application of linear and nonlinear control methodologies for studying the nonlinear dynamics of a spacecraft with an attached rigid link is demonstrated. Three control laws; based on linear PD control, linear quadratic control, and feedback linearization technique, are incorporated to the system dynamics. The performances of the proposed control methodologies undergoing initial inplane disturbances are compared via numerical simulations. Results indicate that control based on PD and feedback linearization demonstrated similar performances when applied to restore the attitude of the spacecraft. The control techniques were able to stabilize the spacecraft pitch response in less than 0.003 orbits. The attached link although refrains to an oscillating motion due to the presence of gravitational force, its period of oscillation being approximately equal to the period of one orbit. The performance of LQR control indicates that it is possible to stabilize the motion of spacecraft pitch and the rigid link.

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