An Intelligent BIST Mechanism for MEMS Fault Detection

J. Tanha and R. Asgary (Iran)


MEMS, BIST, Fault Detection.


Diversity of application fields and properties of new materials generate new failure mechanisms in Micro electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Now if we take into account the lessons from the past in microelectronics, we note that failure analysis played a major rule not only in development time reduction but also in qualification and reliability evaluation Most of the researches which have been done in MEMS reliability are about new material properties and fabrication technologies. Only a few fault detection methods have been introduced for fault detection in MEMS. Some of these methods can be used only for special MEMS. Additionally most of them need a precise model of system. In this paper a new intelligent method is proposed for fault detection in MEMS. In addition some parts of proposed neural network are changed in order to implement it as a BIST mechanism.

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