Learning Feedforward Control of MIMO Nonlinear Systems using U-Model

S.S.A. Ali, F.M. Al-Sunni, M. Shafiq, and J.M. Bakhashwain (Saudi Arabia)


MIMO Nonlinear systems, LFFC, U-model, RBFNN, robotics.


In this paper, a learning feedforward controller (LFFC) us ing the U-model is proposed for a better tracking control of multivariable nonlinear systems over a finite time in terval. The multivariable system is modelled using the U model and the LFFC is established using Newton-Raphson method. U-model significantly simplifies the online syn thesis of the feedforward control law. The proposed tech nique is verified on 2-link robot manipulator in real-time. The performance of the proposed U-model based LFFC is compared with a number of schemes under varying load conditions.

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