Passivity based Control of a One Flexible Link

M. Saad, L. Saydy, O. Akhrif, and J.-C. Piedboeuf (Canada)


Flexible link, Passivity, Positive real, Nonlinear Control, Guardian Maps.


We apply the concept of passivity to control the position of a one flexible link robot using the input torque at the base. Two cases are discussed: the link moving in the horizontal plane and in the vertical plane. Since the choice of the tip position as an output leads to a non minimum phase system and hence non passive, a noncollocated output measure ment is defined. The objective is to develop a method to select the redefined output analytically rather than numer ically. Passivity is used as criteria for selecting the closest output to the tip resulting in a passive input-output relation while maintaining the asymptotic convergence of the out put errors dynamics.

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