Elements of the Market Economy Development Parametrical Regulation Theory

Abdykappar A. Ashimov, K.A. Sagadiyev, Y.V. Borovskiy, N.A. Iskakov, and Askar. A. Ashimov (Kazakhstan)


Economic system, mathematical model, parametrical regu lation, task of variational calculation, extremal, functional, bifurcation.


The paper offers the theory of a paramterical regulation of market economy development that is represented via a sys tem of ordinary differential equations. This theory con sists of the following sections: forming of a library of eco nomic systems mathematical models; researches on rigid ness (structural stability) of mathematical models; devel opment of parametrical regulation laws; ļ¬nding of bifur cation points of the extremals of one class of variational calculation tasks, etc. The report delivers some of the re sults obtained in the course of developing the theory under consideration.

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