Nonlinear Texture Modeling of Mesophase Carbon Fibers

M. Golmohammadi and A.D. Rey (Canada)


multiple solution, nematic liquid crystals, carbonaceous mesophase, texture


This paper presents a theoretical and computational nonlinear study of structure selection in carbon fibers obtained by spinning binary blends of carbonaceous mesophases precursors. Although models for single component mesophase precursors seem to capture many structural features present in real carbon fibers, predictions of mixture models are needed to further optimize, control, and understand structure formation in real carbon fibers. In this paper, we focus on binary blends, and seek to elucidate the role of blending on specific carbon fiber textures. Nonlinear modeling shows that blending has a significant effect on both macroscopic and microscopic details of typical carbon fiber structures. The nonlinear models are able to resolve well-known solution multiplicity and defect structures.

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