Single-Phase Power through Three-Phase Self-Excited Induction Generator Utilizing Renewable Energy Resources

S.K. Goel and A. Srivastava (India)


Self-excited Induction Generator, Single-phase Power, Series and Shunt Capacitor Excitation


This paper presents a novel technique to supply single phase power from three phase Self-Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) using series and shunt capacitances. For large single phase power requirement in hilly or remote areas it is necessary to use single phase extension instead of three phase extension from economic point of view. Experimental method is used to find out the minimum values of series and shunt capacitance. Steady state analysis of the induction generator under different loading conditions is carried out. The result shows that under proposed scheme three phase SEIG can deliver single phase power upto 84% of its rated value. Experimental results are obtained on a 3 phase, 440 V, 1.5 kW induction machine coupled with 220 V, 12 amp, 3 kW dc motor to confirm the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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