Realising Multiplayers Scenarios for Remote Biomonitoring

N. Kara and A. Dragoi (Canada)


biomonitoring, contextual applications, mobile networks


Starting from a set of typical biomonitoring scenarios, this paper identifies the implications and challenges in realizing a system that effectively can help ambulatory patients and other subscribers to better manage their medical condition, avoid aggravation, and timely interconnect subscribers with aid and care givers. This is based on the experience gained in building a prototype system for remote biomonitoring that supports such scenarios. The prototype was designed as a platform for quick experimentation with various sen sor types medical protocols, pathologies, medications, and ways to respond to medical and environmental conditions. The focus was on scenarios that explore interconnecting several players in the healthcare area (doctors, paramedics, pharmacy chains) and highlight the context-aware nature of biomonitoring. One of the difficulties implementing such a system is coping with the volatility of the context while managing the dynamic decision-processes and the execu tion of actions suite to this decisions.

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