Internet based Tele-Diagnostic Interface for Breast Pathology

Y. Shen, N. Xi, N. Methil-Sudhakaran, R. Mukherjee, D. Zhu, Z. Cen, M.W. Mutka, C.A. Slomski, and K.N. Apelgren (USA)


InternetBased, Telediagnostics, Breast Pathology, Tactile Sensor, Haptic Interface, Multimedia


This paper presents our development of a multimedia tele diagnostic interface for breast pathology via Internet. To enhance telepresence capabilities, our interface is com prised of an anthropomorphic arm/hand equipped with hap tic and tactile sensing, ultrasound imaging capabilities, a physician interface capable of rendering both haptic and tactile information, and two-way audio and video. This multimedia interface was tested via the Internet and enables tele-diagnostics. Preliminary experiments had demon strated the effectiveness of the developed multimedia tele diagnostic interface. That is, it will greatly enhance and improve the diagnostic performance as well as promote the tele-diagnostics of breast pathology in remote areas a real ity.

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