Perceptually Lossless Medical Image Coding and Its Significance in Telemedical Applications

D. Wu, H.R. Wu, D.M. Tan, C. White, J. Decampo, and M. Baird (Australia)


Perceptually lossless, image coding, Telemedicine, Tele health, Telehomecare, medical imaging


A method of encoding medical images to a perceptually lossless quality is presented in this paper. It employs a model of human vision, such that only visually insignif icant/irrelevant information is removed. Current results have shown that it yields greater compression ratio gains over its lossless counterparts without inducing any visible loss in picture quality, which has been veriļ¬ed with 31 medical experts. This is essential in telemedical applica tions, especially when there is a limitation in network trans mission bandwidth. This method can be embedded into any Wavelet based image coder without affecting its bit-stream compliance and therefore specialised decoders are not re quired.

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