Synchronization-based Nonlinear Control of Chaotic PM Motors

A. Zahar (Kuwait), M. Zohdy (USA), and A. Abu-Rezq (Kuwait)


Modeling and Simulation, Chaos, and PM Motors.


The nominal and special operating conditions of a perma nent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) are investi gated to show that the PMSM can experience chaos. A nonlinear controller is introduced to control these un wanted chaotic oscillations and to bring the PMSM to a stable steady state. The designed controller uses a pole placement approach to force the closed-loop system to follow the performance of a simple first order linear sys tem with zero steady state error to a desired set point. The similarity between the mathematical model of the PMSM and the famous chaotic Lorenz system is utilized to de sign a synchronization-based state observer using only the angular speed for feedback. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of the proposed controller in eliminating the chaotic oscillations.

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