Design of Compact Microstrip Bandpass Filters using Pentagonal Open-Loop Resonators

I.N.A. Romani, A.J.M. Soares, and H. Abdalla, Jr. (Brazil)


Coupling coefficient, open loop resonator, microstrip filter, quasi-elliptical filter, miniaturized.


In this work, a novel configuration that enhances the selectivity of quasi-elliptic microstrip bandpass filters is presented. The filter topology is based on pentagonal open-loop resonators and it yields more flexibility regarding the cross coupling between the resonators. The filter topology has the advantage of being easily adjustable to permit low insertion loss in the passband, and it has high and wide rejection in the stop band. The full-wave simulator Microwave Studio was used to design the resonator and to calculate the coupling coefficients. The proposed filter was designed, fabricated and tested. The results of the tests showed that responses had a good agreement with the theoretical predictions.

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