An Adaptive Sigma-Delta Modulator with Improved Dynamic Range

C.-Y. Chen, T.-Y. Wang, S.-Y. Lee, R.-G. Chang, and T.-H. Tsai (Taiwan)


Adaptive, Dynamic Range, Sigma Delta Modulator, CRFB.


This paper proposes a novel adaptive approach for sigma delta modulators to significantly improve the dynamic range. Based on adjusting the signal power gain (SPG) of SDM, many dynamic-range (DR) curves can be obtained. A systematic approach with the proposed algorithm has been used to acquire the boundary constraints. Therefore, the wide dynamic range can be achieved without chang ing the original architecture and increasing the amount of hardware. A fourth order cascade of resonators with dis tributed feedback (CRFB) structure has been adopted to demonstrate the proposed method. This proposed method can be easily implemented by switched-capacitor circuits. The simulation results show that our work can really im prove the dynamic range very well.

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