A Multi-Platform Contents Management System for Online Constellation Learning

M. Kondo, T. Yasuda, S. Yokoi, M. Ura, M. Endo, K. Iwazaki, K. Mouri, and M. Noda (Japan)


Website for Multi-platform, Web Learning System, Astronomy Education, Online Constellation, and Contents Management System


In astronomy education, it is important to give students the opportunity to enjoy an actual night sky in a natural environment in addition to reading texts. Recently, the Internet offers many sites about stars and astronomy, but most cannot support constellation observation in the actual night sky. In this study, in cooperation with the Nagoya City Science Museum, we have developed a site called "online constellation" that not only offers online learning material by PC but also material appropriate for outdoor learning environments. Specifically, we developed teaching materials that support constellation observation with contents that can be carried outdoors. However, much labor hour and time are necessary to develop suitable teaching materials for various devices and learning environments. So, we proposed an effective contents management system based on an astronomy education database and realized effective information distribution based on the learning environment. We developed the effective web based education system by using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. Based on the database, the system can not only correspondent to multi-platform purpose, but also provide curator’s knowledge effectively.

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