Statefull Addressing Protocol (SAP) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

P. Sai Kiran (India)


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Auto Addressing, Statefull Addressing, IP Addressing.


This paper proposes Statefull Addressing Protocol(SAP) for Address Autoconfiguration for Mobile Ad Hoc networks. SAP uses Statefull approach which maintains complete information about the Allocated and free IP addresses. SAP maintains this information at the Agent as well as at the nodes. SAP use a single bit to represent the status of an IP address thereby reducing the overhead involved in transmitting the periodic broadcasts about the status of Addresses. SAP has the advantage over other protocols as it addresses all the major problems of the mobile ad hoc network like uniqueness of address, network partitioning and merging, node mobility etc. This protocol scales well while providing backup.

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