Closed-Form Characterization of the Channel Capacity of Multi-Branch Maximal Ratio Combining over Correlated Nakagami Fading Channels

Y.A. Chau and K.Y.-T. Huang (Taiwan)


Channel Capacity, Diversity, Maximal Ratio Combining, Correlated Nakagami Fading For correlated Nakagami fading channels with L diversity branches, let iγ be the SNR of the i-th diversity branch and [ ]iEγ γ= be the average faded SNR per symbol per branch for 1,2,...,i L= . For the channel model, iγ is characterized by the gamma probability density function (pdf) [3] as


The remainder of the paper is organized in the following way. In Section II, the equally and exponentially correlated Nakagami fading models with the multi-branch MRC are addressed. In Section III, the closed-form of the normalized average channel capacity and the corresponding lower bound and upper bound are derived. Then, numerical results are presented in Section IV. Conclusions are drawn in Section V. The closed-form of the average channel capacity is addressed for correlated Nakagami fading channels with the multi-branch maximal ratio combining (MRC), and its lower bound and upper bound are derived, where equal and the exponential correlation models are considered. The lower bound and the upper bound are employed to evaluate the average channel capacity. Numerical results are presented to compare the channel capacity with different fading and correlation parameters. 2. Correlated Nakagami Fading Models

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