Adaptive Clustering and Transmission Range Adjustment in Wireless Sensor Networks

B. Yin, H. Shi, Y. Shang (USA), and D. Ma (PRC)


Wireless Networks, Connected Dominating Set, Dis . tributes Clustering Algorithm Dynamic Topology. l


Clustering and transmission range adjustment are major approaches to energy saving in wireless sensor networks. Connected dominating set (CDS) as a special clustering structure. is widely used as a virtual backbone ill a wire less sensor network. In clustered wireless sensor networks traffic: load has a great impact on the energy saving ef fect of a clustering algorithm. This paper presents RDSP CDS a traffic-adaptive clustering and transmission range adjustment algorithm. range a distributed clustering algorithm that utilizes our energy, analysis model [l]. In range , each node chooses the optimal transmission range based on its local knowledge about the traffic load to achieve network-wide energy saving goals. range is suitable for heterogeneous dynamic-topology networks

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