Using a Two-Timer Scheme to Detect Selfish Nodes in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

H. Lui, J.G. Delgado-Frias, and S. Medidi (USA)


Network Management, Wireless networks, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Hardware Detection


The cooperation of wireless nodes in ad hoc networks is crucial to ensure the proper working of the whole network due to the absence of infrastructure. Misbehaving nodes can dramatically decrease the performance of ad hoc network. Detecting and isolating the misbehaving nodes can not only make sure the participating nodes forward and route packets correctly, but also discourage the individual nodes from gaining advantages by not providing services to other nodes. This paper proposes a novel hardware assisted scheme which can detect one kind of misbehavior: selfish nodes. The proposed scheme consists of two timers that help to detect 80% or more selfish nodes with a probability of nearly 90%. The detection results could be used by other nodes to disengage the selfish nodes from the network. Furthermore, the virtue of hardware based detection makes this scheme less prone to virus influence as in some software based schemes.

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