Three Levels of Compression Strategies and Testings in Mobile GIS Attribute Management

C.-J. Ma, J.-Y. Fang, Z. Xie, and X.-C. Wu (PRC)


Compression strategies; Mobile Geographical Information Systems (GIS); LZSS; LZ77; LZW; attribute management


Combining with the mobile computing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technique, the mobile GIS has been widely applied in fields of navigation, location and detection etc. Considering resource-constrained mobile terminals, we have to establish proper strategies to resolve the problems of limited storage for large-scale dataset and weak embedded CPU for complex data processing. Therefore, the paper, from the angle of decreasing the amount of data, proposed the three levels of compression strategies, i.e. whole files or databases, tables and records, on GIS attribute data which expressed the properties of spatial entities other than their positions in the world. In order to confirm the efficiency and validation, the paper not only exploited dictionary approaches of LZ77, LZSS and LZW and analyzed their performances on compression ratio, time elapsed and power consumed in given testing environments, but also listed some practical advice on how and where to use the compression strategies at end of the paper.

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