A Subspace Method for the Estimation of Gain/Phase Mismatches and I/Q Imbalances in a Receive Array Antenna

Z. Zhu and X. Huang (Canada)


Array antenna, gain/phase mismatches, I/Q imbalances, calibration, subspace method.


This paper proposes a subspace method to estimate impair ment compensation coef cientsin a receive array antenna. These impairments due to imperfections in the analog front end circuits are the gain/phase mismatches among the dif ferent antenna elements and imbalances between in-phase and quadrature (I/Q) components. A signal model in the presence of the gain/phase mismatches and I/Q imbalances is developed first. Then a signal subspace constraint is formulated such that a simple method can be used to es timate the mismatches and imbalances. It is shown that the method results in an unambiguous estimate. Its perfor mance is also evaluated using numerical simulations.

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