Watershed Segmentation with Boundary Curvature Ratio based Merging Criterion

X. He, N.H.C. Yung, K.P. Chow, F.Y.L. Chin, R.H.Y. Chung, K.Y.K. Wong, and K.S.H. Tsang (PRC)


Watershed segmentation; merging criterion; boundary smoothness; optimal number of segments


This paper proposes to incorporate boundary curvature ratio, region homogeneity and boundary smoothness into a single new merging criterion to improve the over segmentation of marker-controlled watershed segmentation algorithm. The result is a more refined segmentation result with smooth boundaries and regular shapes. To pursue a final segmentation result with higher inter-variance and lower intra-variance, an optimal number of segments could be self-determined by a proposed formula. Experimental results are presented to demonstrate the merits of this method.

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