Narrowband CELP Hiding by Wideband Speech

D. Guerchi and T. Rabie (UAE)


Narrowband speech hiding, steganography, CELP coding.


We introduce in this work a framework for speech-in speech hiding for the purpose of reducing the storage and transmission overhead in electronic voice mail applica tions, as well as for steganography applications of hiding secret speech messages for voice mail security. The pro posed technique exploits the low-pass spectral properties of speech signals to embed another parametric signal in the low-amplitude high-frequency part of a host speech signal spectral magnitude. Experimental tests on several speech signals show that our technique is capable of hiding nar rowband speech CELP-based message inside another host wideband speech segment to produce a stego wideband speech segment that is indistinguishable from the original host speech, while being able to extract the hidden narrow band speech message without any degradations in quality.

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