Acquisition of a State-Space Model for One-Dimensional Active Noise Control

Z. Yang and D.L. Hicks (Denmark)


State-space model, system identification, acoustic noise control


The acquisition of a state-space model for Active Noise Control (ANC) for a one-dimensional acoustic duct sys tem is discussed. A complex-valued state-space model with infinite dimension is derived theoretically. The key sys tem coefficient-acoustic terminal impedance is determined based on system identification method. By checking the eigenvalue's consistency, the acoustic terminal impedance is determined by taking average of its estimations corre sponding to each resonance frequency. The proposed ap proach is further extended into a peak-by-peak identifica tion approach so as to reduce the complexity and computa tion load caused by potential high-order system identifica tion. Compared with most existing models and approaches for ANC design, the unique feature of the proposed model and method is that the physical meanings of all system co efficients are kept in the developed model, which provides sufficient details for supporting ANC design and analysis.

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